Golden State Health Centers’ Santa Anita Convalescent Hospital

Actively involved with nonprofit organizations dedicated to children and the elderly, Robert Kasirer supports groups such as Camp Ramah in the Berkshires and the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Aging. In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Robert Kasirer enjoys playing golf, particularly throughout Los Angeles and in Utah. He understands the importance of knowing one’s golf handicap.

Golf handicaps allow players to compete against others of varying skill levels on a more level playing field. They also provide potential competitors with an indication of the talents of a new opponent. The United States Golf Association (USGA) has developed a specific formula to determine one’s handicap.

In order to learn their ranking, players must obtain their scores from the last five rounds of 18-hole golf that they played. The next stop involves acquiring the USGA’s difficulty rating and slope rating of those courses. Golfers must subtract the golf course’s difficulty rating from their actual score and multiply the amount by 113. The five numbers are then divided by their respective course’s slope rating. Then, golfers take the lowest of those numbers and multiply them by 0.96. The whole number – without any rounding up – becomes the handicap.


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