The International Conference on Aging and Architecture

Robert Kasirer has served as a member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Aging External Advisory Board since 2005. In this position, Robert Kasirer has taken part in the New Aging: International Conference on Aging and Architecture.

Sponsored by the Jacob Rose Family Foundation, the New Aging: International Conference on Aging and Architecture attracted 300 architects, students, and other individuals to engage in discussions on trends in nursing-home architecture and new programs to help empower senior citizens who are living alone. Speakers at the symposium, which lasted two days, hailed from locales such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan, representing professional positions as diverse as gerontologists and filmmakers. Among many topics discussed at the conference was the fact that within 15 years, 20 percent of the United States population will be comprised of individuals over the age of 64. Additional subjects included myths and methods for mitigating physical decline in old age and the benefits seniors enjoy from remaining in a family setting as opposed to even the finest quality nursing home.


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