The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise for Seniors

Robert Kasirer spent nearly a decade with the University of Pennsylvania as a member of the Aging External Advisory Board. Along with professionals from various walks of life and industries, Robert Kasirer utilized his position on the board to improve the quality of life for older adults.

Keeping the body in good physical shape becomes increasingly important as we grow older, yet individual exercises can feel harder to accomplish as the body ages. Aerobic exercises are arguably the most beneficial type of workout in which an older adult can engage, since they not only burn calories and improve heart health, but may also lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as improve joint mobility. Older adults often also experience increased energy levels following an aerobic workout.

For older individuals who have not exercised for a significant period of time, aerobic workouts should last no longer than five minutes at a time. As the body responds, exercise sessions can be brought up to about 30 minutes per day. For the less mobile, a simple brisk walk constitutes an aerobic workout. As mobility returns to the body, aerobic exercises can range from a game of tennis to a hike in the woods.


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