Institute of Aging Presents Award for Outstanding Research Publication

An experienced owner and operator of medical facilities serving the elderly and people with disabilities, Robert Kasirer has employed his knowledge in long-term health care to benefit the Institute of Aging (IOA) at the University of Pennsylvania. For six years, Robert Kasirer sat on the organization’s External Advisory Board and, for two years, served as chairman of the board.

Established in 1979, the IOA aims to improve the health of those in the aging population. It works toward this goal by creating education programs focusing on the aging process and increasing the amount of research done on this age group. In 2012, the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Aging ranked the IOA second in terms of total research funding obtained by an organization.

Throughout the year, the IOA hosts a number of events for its members. One such event, set to take place on November 24, 2014, at the Smilow Center for Translation Research at the University of Pennsylvania, will see presentation of the Joseph A. Pignolo, Sr. Award in Aging Research to Dongsheng Cai, MD, PhD. Dr. Cai is an Irma T. Hirschl Scholar and serves as a professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Department of Molecular Pharmacology. The award, established by Robert J. Pignolo, MD, PhD, in memory of his father, recognizes the scientific research publication judged to be the best in the field of biogerentology in the year prior.


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