Camp Ramah’s Passover Camp

A successful California-based businessman, Robert Kasirer contributes his time and resources to a number of community and educational organizations throughout the country. In addition to serving as a director of the JacobRose Family Foundation, Robert Kasirer supports Camp Ramah in California, a Jewish summer camp for youth of all ages and abilities.

Aside from the various summer programs it offers, Camp Ramah holds a number of activities for children and their families throughout the year. Each spring, Ramah holds a 10-day Passover Camp that provides a range of formal learning opportunities for adults, as well as daily programs geared toward children.

Ramah’s Passover Camp also offers campers a mix of relaxing and recreational activities, including yoga, nature walks, dancing, sports, and several off-site excursions. The next Passover Camp will be held at Camp Ramah in Ojai, California, on April 2-12, 2015. Those who wish to attend have the option of staying for the entire 10 days or part of the time if their schedule does not allow the full session. More information about registration and camp details can be found at passover.shtml.


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