Penn Researchers Receive International Award for Neuroscience Studies

Entrepreneur and innovator Robert Kasirer has a long history of working toward the advancement of elderly care. The California resident previously served as an executive of Golden State Health Centers, Inc., where he managed several skilled nursing centers and their ancillary divisions. Robert Kasirer also belonged to the external advisory board of the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Aging, where he and his colleagues offered guidance to researchers focused on advancing the quality of life for older adults.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Institute on Aging (IOA) brings together fellows from some 12 different schools at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), and aging specialists from outside the University community. Together, these experts research and make improvements within several age-related areas, including diseases of aging, nursing, and public policy. IOA collaborates with other research centers at Penn, including the Penn Alzheimer’s Disease Center and the Penn Udall Center for Parkinson’s Disease Research.

Recently, IOA director Dr. John Q. Trojanowski was a recipient of the 2014 J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine. He was awarded the prize jointly with Virginia M.-Y. Lee, Ph.D., who co-directs the Marian S. Ware Alzheimer Drug Discovery Center at Penn with Dr. Trojanowski. Doctors Trojanowski and Lee earned the recognition from the Robarts Research Institute for their years of dedication to understanding and finding treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, such as ALS, Parkinson’s, and frontotemporal degeneration. The Robarts Research Institute at Western University acknowledged the team of Trojanowski and Lee to be among the 10 most cited neuroscientists worldwide.


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