Steps in Applying for a U.S. Patent

An innovator in the field of health care technology, Robert Kasirer invented a suite of applications that assists in communication between providers. Robert Kasirer has filed a patent application for this invention with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

When an inventor applies for a patent, he or she first needs to be able to describe the invention and explain the ways in which the invention qualifies for patent protection. A patent must be a new method, process, article, or composition, although improvements on existing inventions may also qualify. Regardless of category, the invention must have a particular use and must be different from all similar inventions. Finally, the invention must be a notable development in the field in which it is intended for use.

The law states that inventors or co-inventors must personally apply for a patent; for cases in which the inventor is deceased, representatives may apply. All applicants must submit a diagram and description of all parts of the invention, as well as a statement of how the idea came to be. Once the inventor has researched all prior similar patents and determined commercial usability, he or she may submit either a provisional patent application (PPA) or a regular patent application (RPA), depending on the inventor’s intent; a PPA grants patent pending status while an RPA begins the actual patent examination. More information is available through the Patent and Trademark Office.


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