Institute on Aging Fellowships at the University of Pennsylvania

Robert Kasirer formerly served as the Chairman of the Board of the External Advisory Board of the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute on Aging. In that role, Robert Kasirer worked with a diverse group of individuals and organizations, meeting several times per year to discuss various issues related to improved quality of life for senior adults.

Created in 1979 as a resource for clinical trials and general research activities related to the interests of senior citizens, the Institute on Aging (IOA) at the University of Pennsylvania is a leader in elder care from both a clinical and a scientific perspective. The school also harbors close to 300 IOA fellows, partnering students from all 12 schools of the University of Pennsylvania with professionals from the aging industry in order to facilitate discussions and solutions to such matters as age-related diseases, nursing, the economics of getting older, and much more.

IOA fellows are joined in their efforts by associate fellows, or university faculty members with relevant interests and experience. Both IOA fellows and associate fellows enjoy a number of benefits, including news about new funding opportunities in the field and the pilot research grant program, a competitive funding service for students.


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