Hillel at UCLA Honors California Representative Henry Waxman

Robert Kasirer, a former executive with Golden State Health Centers, Inc., in Sherman Oaks, California, contributes to a number of charitable organizations. Robert Kasirer is particularly proud of his work with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), chapter of Hillel.

Hillel at UCLA recently paid tribute to United States Representative Henry Waxman, a Democrat who has represented the interests of Los Angeles and the state of California for more than four decades. Waxman’s work on behalf of California’s 33rd Congressional District will soon come to an end, giving successor Congressman-elect Ted Lieu and other politicians, as well as students and residents of Los Angeles, a chance to reflect on his legacy.

During the Hillel ceremony, Waxman credited his commitment to both American and Jewish values as the main reason for his success. Beginning with his election to Congress in 1974 following the aftermath of President Nixon’s Watergate scandal, Waxman steadfastly adhered to his beliefs regardless of popular opinion. Though his career is marked by many achievements, Waxman will most likely be remembered for improving the accessibility and quality of health care, as well as passing progressive environmental initiatives.


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