IOA Researchers to Investigate New Methods for Rotator Cuff Repair

A health care entrepreneur and senior citizen advocate, Robert Kasirer has lent his expertise to a number of organizations throughout his career. Currently a director of the JacobRose Family Foundation, Robert Kasirer’s past activities include serving as chairman of the External Advisory Board of the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute on Aging (IOA), an organization that works to improve the health of elderly individuals through a variety of educational programs and research-based activities.

Researchers at the IOA are currently leading a number of research projects aimed at advancing the medical treatment for conditions commonly affecting those in the aging population. A recently funded pilot project led by researcher Andrew F. Kuntz, MD, seeks to improve the surgical outcomes for rotator cuff tears, a common problem that is especially prevalent among the elderly.

The project, which will begin in 2015, will examine the potential for using autologous cell-seeded scaffolds to improve tendon repair in older individuals. A preliminary study, the project’s main goal is to provide the initial data to attract funding from the National Institutes of Health or the US Department of Veterans Affairs for a full-scale study of the repair method.


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