The UPenn Institute on Aging Fellows Program

UPenn Institute on Aging Fellows Program pic
UPenn Institute on Aging Fellows Program

Robert Kasirer has dedicated much of his career to supporting the financial and healthcare needs of senior citizens across California. In this capacity, Robert Kasirer previously sat on the external advisory board with the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Aging (IOA).

Over the course of nearly four decades, the IOA has focused its work in the realm of improving the health and living quality of senior citizens. Affiliated with UPenn’s School of Medicine, the institute hosts a number of programs aimed at furthering clinical research. IOA’s foremost initiative is its Fellows Program, which encompasses a network of almost 300 UPenn faculty members and other aging specialists.

The Fellows Program separates its participants into two categories. IOA Fellows refer to those who operate within UPenn and represent one of its 12 academic schools. Any individual who is a staff member of the university or an outside affiliate dedicated to aging research falls under the title of Associate Fellow. Both Fellows and Associate Fellows receive unique access to a number of opportunities that aim to further their work. For example, IOA helps these professionals remain current with emerging industry news through periodic communication updates and offers a Pilot Research Grants program to better connect them to research funding.


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