Kayitz at Camp Ramah in California

Camp Ramah pic
Camp Ramah
Image: ramahberkshires.org


Robert Kasirer, a successful inventor who built his career in long term healthcare, is associated with several charitable organizations. One of the organizations that Robert Kasirer regularly supports is Camp Ramah in California, a summer camp for children that focuses on enriching campers in their Jewish faith while enjoying fun camp activities.

Camp Ramah in California is located in the scenic Ojai Valley. Though the camp is staffed year-round, Camp Ramah is known for its summer camp program, called Kayitz, which includes universal summer camp activities like swimming and arts and crafts along with Hebrew plays, Israeli dance, and Jewish music.

A typical day at Camp Ramah’s Kayitz summer camp will begin with a 7:30 a.m. wake-up and end with a 7:45 p.m. evening activity, a fun group exercise such as “wacky relays.” A camp day includes three meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a mid-day rest, and morning prayers. Throughout the day campers may enjoy several secular activities including at least one sport, a recreational elective, an evening bunk activity and a group activity, as well as various Judaism-related activities like a fun lesson in Judaics at noon and an afternoon “Israel activity.”

This year’s Kayitz consists of two sessions of about four weeks each, or a full summer package. Tuition for one of the two sessions is $4645, while tuition for the full summer is $9290. Discounts are offered for early applicants and for any additional siblings enrolled in the camp.


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