Overview of the Continuum of Care

American Hospital Association Image: news.aha.org
American Hospital Association
Image: news.aha.org


Serving as chairman and CEO of HealthCare Continuum, Robert Kassirer is a well-established entrepreneur, innovator, and lawyer. Earning a JD from St. John’s University School of Law, Robert Kassirer has built a career in long-term healthcare to raise funds for the study of aging, and also advocates on behalf of the senior population.

The continuum of care is a concept that involves tracking a person’s healthcare record for a period of time, which can involve all levels and stages of care throughout one’s life. Four basic models to help manage one’s continuum of care include: the coordination of care, planning and management, financing, and using integrated IT systems.

In September 2011, the American Hospital Association’s Committee on Performance Improvement released a paper which outlines healthcare systems of the future. The report, meant to help educate the workforce on a seamless transition into the continuum of care, covers best practices and patient safety throughout the ever-changing technological advancements within the healthcare system.


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