Discovering Camp Ramah in California’s Camp Ohr Lanu Program

Camp Ohr Lanu Program pic
Camp Ohr Lanu Program

Drawing on his family’s involvement in the nursing home industry, Robert Kasirer has developed a suite of operations to link health care facilities and their employees. Also a strong supporter of children’s activities, Robert Kasirer contributes to inclusive summer camps such as Camp Ramah in California which runs Camp Ohr Lanu.

Camp Ohr Lanu was designed for special kids and their families. Every year, the program brings together special children and their families for a fun-filled retreat of prayer, study, respite, and support in Ojai Valley, California.

The children with special needs enjoy therapeutic programming from the program’s warm and caring staff which includes behavior and family education specialists, special educators, and counselors. Every family is paired with an individual counselor to provide essential support.

As part of the program, the children with special needs choose an area of focus such as music, dance, art, or drama, all of which are facilitated by trained therapists. The children then take part in daily group activities based on their areas of focus, helping them create lasting bonds with one another. They also participate in scavenger hunts, outdoor games, storytelling, and sibling workshops.

Parents, on the other hand, take part in Shabbat services and support discussions based on the Torah. They also have an opportunity to network and relax in an open family environment.


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