Dining Opportunities at the Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl pic
Hollywood Bowl
Image: hollywoodbowl.com

Robert Kasirer is the owner and operator of the Sherman Oaks, California-based nursing facility Golden State Health Centers, Inc. Outside of his professional life, Robert Kasirer enjoys listening to opera and classical music and frequently attends shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Hollywood Bowl is a 94-year-old outdoor theater that is a popular location for summer music performances in Los Angeles. Concertgoers are presented with a wide variety of options for dining while attending a show at the Bowl. Those attendees who have purchased box seat tickets to a performance are able to order meals from an extensive menu, and meals are served directly to their seats. Additionally, the Hollywood Bowl is home to two full-service restaurants, the backyard and The Wine Bar by a.o.c.

Alternatively, concertgoers at the Hollywood Bowl can choose to picnic in the hills around the venue. There are 14 locations for picnics, with a selection of tables available in all areas. Attendees can bring picnic meals from home or preorder and pick up meals at the Hollywood Bowl upon arrival.


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