Food and Drink at the Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl pic
Hollywood Bowl

Robert Kasirer serves as a member of the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Aging External Advisory Board. In his free time, Robert Kasirer enjoys attending shows at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

The Hollywood Bowl offers concertgoers not only a wide variety of shows but also multiple options for food and wine. One of the venue’s main restaurants is The Wine Bar by a.o.c. Diners can choose from diverse appetizers, including chicken liver crostini with pancetta.

Entrées include hanger steak with Roquefort butter and crispy shallots as well as lamb chops with summer panzanella and salsa verde. Those who prefer seafood can choose the sea bass with apricots, couscous, spiced yogurt, and pistachios.

The Wine Bar by a.o.c. also offers a selection of more than 25 red wines and 20 white wines, as well as rosé, sparkling wines, and champagne. Before the show, diners can choose from a diverse selection of desserts, including a caramel chocolate brownie with mascarpone and crushed Marcona almonds or olive oil cake with strawberries and pistachios.


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