The Hollywood Bowl and Its Museum


Hollywood Bowl Museum pic
Hollywood Bowl Museum

An executive with Golden State Health Centers, Inc., and the chief executive officer and chairman of HealthCare Continuum, Robert Kasirer has been a member of the external advisory board of the Institute of Aging at the University of Pennsylvania since 2005. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Robert Kasirer enjoys attending shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

Throughout its more than 100-year history, the Hollywood Bowl has served as the performance space for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, as well as artists such as Judy Garland, Elvis Costello, and hundreds more. The location also offers visitors more than a dozen picnic spaces, two full-service restaurants, and the Hollywood Bowl Museum.

Originally founded in 1984, the Edmund D. Edelman Hollywood Bowl Museum was rebuilt and expanded in 1996. Set at the entrance of the grounds, admission to the museum is free and visitors can partake in a group tour or take the self-guided tour to learn about the property’s history, architecture, and environment. One of the museum’s key exhibits is the Hall of Fame, which was established in 2000, and recognizes Hollywood Bowl performers who have become part of the American cultural landscape.


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