Examples of Problems Associated with Old Age

Old Age pic
Old Age
Image: webmd.com

A son of Nazi Europe survivors, Robert Kasirer is a California-based healthcare and real-estate innovator. At a young age, Robert Kasirer began working in healthcare as a weekend helper at his parents’ health service facility. Later, he took over ownership of the facility, Golden State Health Centers, and worked there as an executive. The health center mainly serves elderly adults in Southern California, addressing various issues that arise when people age.

Especially after age 65, people start to experience various physiological and psychological problems. In old age, the human body starts to decline physically, with conditions like arthritis, respiratory disease, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis becoming more prevalent.

Elderly adults may also begin to suffer from psychological problems, in part due to physiological problems that may limit their independent movement. People may also have lower income in old age. These factors indirectly plunge them into isolation and can lead to psychological distress.


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