Common Patent Issues

Patent pic

Robert Kasirer was inspired to enter the healthcare sector because of his parents’ sterling reputation in the nursing home industry. An attorney and innovator, Robert Kasirer has applied for a patent on a new system of applications addressing the needs of intermediate care facilities, such as nursing homes and hospitals.

Filing for a patent is a complicated process. If you’re applying for a patent, be prepared for the following issues.

1. You will be asked to pay a filing fee, which will not be refunded even if the patent fails. If your application is accepted, you will need to pay an issue fee.

2. You will be asked for maintenance fees three and one-half years, seven and one-half years, and 11 and one-half years from the date the patent is granted.

3. The biggest mistake that filers make is failing to fully describe their inventions. You should include descriptions of every feature of the invention in enough detail that someone familiar with the industry can replicate the design.


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