About Robert Kasirer

robert-kasirerFor more than seven years, Robert Kasirer lent his well-rounded expertise in the field of health care for the elderly to the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute on Aging. As a member of the external advisory board, Kasirer helped advise the organization, affiliated with the University’s Perelman School of Medicine, in its mission to explore and develop research into various biological and psychological facets of senescence. Robert Kasirer’s colleagues on the advisory board include an array of individuals with diverse backgrounds in the field of adult development and aging, from business executives to health care professionals.

Robert Kasirer’s experience with the elderly spans a number of enterprises in the realms of both business and philanthropy. Formerly Of Counsel at the Los Angeles-based law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, Kasirer provided insight into the niche market of retirement communities and similarly senior-oriented living centers. He also afforded his acumen to Golden State Health Centers, Inc., of Sherman Oaks, California, a company specializing in the operation of inpatient skilled nursing facilities.

In addition to his professional endeavors to assist the aging population, Robert Kasirer has contributed considerable charitable resources to the same cause. The Jacob Rose Family Foundation, one of several of Kasirer’s philanthropic beneficiaries, recently funded a symposium on architecture specifically designed to suit the needs of a senescent population.