Common Patent Issues

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Robert Kasirer was inspired to enter the healthcare sector because of his parents’ sterling reputation in the nursing home industry. An attorney and innovator, Robert Kasirer has applied for a patent on a new system of applications addressing the needs of intermediate care facilities, such as nursing homes and hospitals.

Filing for a patent is a complicated process. If you’re applying for a patent, be prepared for the following issues.

1. You will be asked to pay a filing fee, which will not be refunded even if the patent fails. If your application is accepted, you will need to pay an issue fee.

2. You will be asked for maintenance fees three and one-half years, seven and one-half years, and 11 and one-half years from the date the patent is granted.

3. The biggest mistake that filers make is failing to fully describe their inventions. You should include descriptions of every feature of the invention in enough detail that someone familiar with the industry can replicate the design.


The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

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Hollywood Bowl

Robert Kasirer is an innovator and health care facility owner who, as a boy, immigrated to the United States from Europe, where his parents survived the Nazi occupation. Outside of his professional efforts, Robert Kasirer enjoys attending shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Hollywood Bowl is an outdoor amphitheater operated by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association in Los Angeles, California. The theater was founded in 1992 and has a history of musical excellence and playing host to notable musicians from around the world.

The orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl informally dates back to 1925, when it was referred to as the Bowl Orchestra. Made up of approximately 80 musicians, the orchestra is a diverse international assembly of musicians, all classically trained. Throughout the music season, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra performs a wide variety of music that ranges from classical music to film music, pop music, and jazz. In addition, there is no musician crossover between the orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Health Benefits of SoulCycle

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An inventor, business executive, and innovator, Robert Kasirer has spent years working in the long-term healthcare industry to improve the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Robert Kasirer is also a graduate of New York University and the St. John’s University School of Law. Outside of his professional activities, Mr. Kasirer enjoy staying active and participates in SoulCycle workouts on a regular basis.

SoulCycle is a popular spinning class that incorporates inspirational coaching, music, and even weight training into its 45-minute-long workouts. First opened in 2006, SoulCycle gyms offer a wide range of health benefits in addition to the approximately 500 to 700 calories that are burned each session.

Since spinning is a cardiovascular workout, participants benefit from increased conditioning. However, SoulCycle also incorporates resistance and weight training, which results in better overall muscle tone and increased caloric burn. Spinning is also a low impact workout, so participants with joint issues can participate without an increase in arthritic pain. In addition, the group setting and inspirational nature of SoulCycle enables individuals to push through fitness barriers and increase their overall health and wellness.

Examples of Problems Associated with Old Age

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Old Age

A son of Nazi Europe survivors, Robert Kasirer is a California-based healthcare and real-estate innovator. At a young age, Robert Kasirer began working in healthcare as a weekend helper at his parents’ health service facility. Later, he took over ownership of the facility, Golden State Health Centers, and worked there as an executive. The health center mainly serves elderly adults in Southern California, addressing various issues that arise when people age.

Especially after age 65, people start to experience various physiological and psychological problems. In old age, the human body starts to decline physically, with conditions like arthritis, respiratory disease, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis becoming more prevalent.

Elderly adults may also begin to suffer from psychological problems, in part due to physiological problems that may limit their independent movement. People may also have lower income in old age. These factors indirectly plunge them into isolation and can lead to psychological distress.

The Hollywood Bowl and Its Museum


Hollywood Bowl Museum pic
Hollywood Bowl Museum

An executive with Golden State Health Centers, Inc., and the chief executive officer and chairman of HealthCare Continuum, Robert Kasirer has been a member of the external advisory board of the Institute of Aging at the University of Pennsylvania since 2005. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Robert Kasirer enjoys attending shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

Throughout its more than 100-year history, the Hollywood Bowl has served as the performance space for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, as well as artists such as Judy Garland, Elvis Costello, and hundreds more. The location also offers visitors more than a dozen picnic spaces, two full-service restaurants, and the Hollywood Bowl Museum.

Originally founded in 1984, the Edmund D. Edelman Hollywood Bowl Museum was rebuilt and expanded in 1996. Set at the entrance of the grounds, admission to the museum is free and visitors can partake in a group tour or take the self-guided tour to learn about the property’s history, architecture, and environment. One of the museum’s key exhibits is the Hall of Fame, which was established in 2000, and recognizes Hollywood Bowl performers who have become part of the American cultural landscape.

Research at the Penn Institute on Aging


Penn Institute on Aging pic
Penn Institute on Aging

Robert Kasirer has held several leadership positions in the nursing home industry, including an executive role at Golden State Health Centers, Inc. Leveraging his experience, Robert Kasirer serves as a member of the External Advisory Board at the University of Pennsylvania’s (Penn) Institute on Aging.

Founded in 1979, the Penn Institute on Aging seeks to enhance the well-being of seniors through clinical research and educational programs on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Led by Dr. John Q. Trojanowski, some 300 fellows from 12 Penn schools and outside institutions conduct research on age-related issues such as neurodegenerative diseases, longevity, law, public policy, economics, and nursing.

In 2012, the Penn Institute on Aging received the second highest amount of research funding from the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Aging. Current research by the Penn Institute on Aging includes studies on Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, age-related inflammation, and cancer.

Food and Drink at the Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl pic
Hollywood Bowl

Robert Kasirer serves as a member of the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Aging External Advisory Board. In his free time, Robert Kasirer enjoys attending shows at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

The Hollywood Bowl offers concertgoers not only a wide variety of shows but also multiple options for food and wine. One of the venue’s main restaurants is The Wine Bar by a.o.c. Diners can choose from diverse appetizers, including chicken liver crostini with pancetta.

Entrées include hanger steak with Roquefort butter and crispy shallots as well as lamb chops with summer panzanella and salsa verde. Those who prefer seafood can choose the sea bass with apricots, couscous, spiced yogurt, and pistachios.

The Wine Bar by a.o.c. also offers a selection of more than 25 red wines and 20 white wines, as well as rosé, sparkling wines, and champagne. Before the show, diners can choose from a diverse selection of desserts, including a caramel chocolate brownie with mascarpone and crushed Marcona almonds or olive oil cake with strawberries and pistachios.