The SoulCycle 101 Class


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Soul 101

An experienced attorney and consistent innovator, Robert Kasirer has dedicated much of his career to the health care and nursing home sectors. An advocate for senior health and disabled people, Robert Kasirer was inspired by his parents, who spent their own careers in the nursing home industry. Away from his professional endeavors, Robert Kasirer attends SoulCycle classes.

Created as a means to get fit while also enriching the soul, SoulCycle classes feature inspiring instructors who often conduct sessions by candlelight and using music. The organization operates the SoulCycle 101 class for those who want to gain a clearer understanding of the SoulCycle methods and how they can be of benefit.

Open to riders who have taken a maximum of five SoulCycle classes, SoulCycle 101 is a one-hour workshop that offers a higher degree of interactivity than the normal sessions. Attendees are offered the opportunity to ask questions of instructors, in addition to learning more about proper form and bike fitting, both of which improve rider safety and efficiency.