Youth Composer Education at the Hollywood Bowl


Youth Composer Education pic
Youth Composer Education

An inventor and experienced executive, Robert Kasirer is also a member of the external advisory board of the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Aging. Outside of work, Robert Kasirer enjoys attending concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.

The summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Hollywood Bowl also hosts its eponymous orchestra as well as dozens of other musicians and events throughout the year. To connect with its community, the Bowl offers a number of education programs for students, families, and adults.

One of the Hollywood Bowl’s youth initiatives is the Nancy and Barry Sanders Composer Fellowship Program. Since its founding in 2007, the program has worked to connect high school-aged composers with some of the greatest composers in the world. Program fellows receive access to philharmonic rehearsals, musician demonstrations, and chamber music readings.

During the two-year program, participants write two orchestra pieces for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and are then able to attend their rehearsals and premieres. Participants leave the program with professional recordings of their compositions.